Association Annual Meeting

May 5, 2020


Corona virus precautions required us to plan a virtual meeting and we were thrilled that 428 members signed up to participate.  In spite of our arranging for up to 500 participants, Zoom would admit only 100.  We apologize to those who had registered and were locked out of the meeting.  Fortunately, we were able to record the meeting for those who couldn't participate "live."  Please click the image below to view the video. 


[NOTE: the full video portion begins a few moments into the recording.] 


The video includes: 

  • Association President Dave Menotti's Welcome 

  • Results of the recent Board elections 

  • Chuck Elkins' introduction of Bob Perciasepe as "The (Imagined)  Administrator of a new Climate Change Administration"

  • Bob Perciasepe's Remarks about how to achieve zero carbon emissions

  • Questions and Answers with Bob P.,  

  • John Bachmann's music video "Mother Earth We Will Defend Her" and request for volunteer presenters for our Half Century of Progress material.