"Life After EPA" Videos

People who have left EPA have had a large variety of interesting experiences ranging from new full time jobs, to starting a small business, to volunteer work, not to mention just enjoying life after a long career.

These experiences can be helpful to those still at EPA who are contemplating a departure.


Here are some of these videos for you to choose from:


Life After EPA Panel #1:


Darlene Harrod (Volunteer)

Spencer Duffy (Author/Vocalist)

Dev Barnes (Pursuing his interests/student)

Win Porter (Consultant)

Chuck Elkins (Consultant and Volunteer)


Life after EPA Panel #2


Diane Regas (V-P for Programs, EDF)

Chuck Elkins (Environmental Consultant)

Bonnie Washington (Entrepreneur)

Susan Street (Manager, SEE program)

Jennie Keith (Ethics Officer in OGC)


From EPA to a Manhattan Project Park


A presentation by Cindy Kelly about her career after EPA.