Survey of Members

Key Take-Away Conclusions from the Survey

1. Climate change is far and away viewed as the most important

environmental challenge of the future. Other important challenges

are water resource management, energy sustainability,

and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.


2. Scientific excellence is a critical foundation for EPA’s actions

and future role, especially science directed toward developing

tools and solving problems.


3. Public awareness and consumer information are powerful

sources for moving industry toward sustainability, yet regulations

will still be needed to deal with poor performers.


4. Strengthening the essential EPA-state relationship is critical,

but there are no simple solutions. EPA must continue an active

oversight role, with more emphasis on technical assistance.


5. Public understanding and engagement on environmental issues

is critically important for tackling future challenges. EPA

must use new tools to reach broader audiences with credible

information on science, solutions/policies, and progress.


6. An “all of the above” approach is needed for climate change,

including incentives, partnerships, and mandates. An “Apollo

moon shot” to decarbonize our economy is needed.


7. EPA’s historical strengths in regulation, science, and technology

provide a sturdy foundation for the future, but EPA should improve

its ability to adopt new approaches and form partnerships.


8. Clarity of mission, motivated staff, scientific excellence, and

openness to new approaches are essential ingredients of a

successful future EPA.

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