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Moving Forward: Future Directions for EPA

In 2018-19, the EPA Alumni Association and the American University Center for Environmental Policy partnered to identify our greatest environmental challenges and to suggest “future directions” for EPA and environmental protection. Sixty EPA alumni participated in five focus groups, almost 400 alumni completed a survey, and 300 people attended a conference on this subject. The speakers at this presentation chaired the five focus groups and wrote the final report. There will be ample time for questions following their talks, and we will be having breakout rooms for further discussion.




Stan Laskowski, former Deputy Regional Administrator, Region 3, Future Environmental Challenges    Minute 9  in the Video


Bob Perciasepe, former Deputy Administrator, and now President of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, The “Environmental Protection Enterprise” and EPA’s Role   Minute 19  in the Video


Dave Ullrich, former Deputy Regional Administrator, Region 5, EPA’s Relationship with States and Other Public and Private Actors    Minute 29  in the Video


Penny Fenner-Crisp, former Senior Science Advisor, Office of Pesticide Programs, Science, Technology and Information    Minute 38  in the Video


Stan Meiburg, former Deputy Regional Administrator, Regions 4 & 6, former Acting Deputy Administrator, now professor at Wake Forest University, EPA Tools, Processes, Culture and Resources    Minute 45  in the Video


John Reeder, former Deputy Chief of Staff, now at American University Center for Environmental Policy, Moving Forward - Conclusions  Minute 54  in the Video

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