Clean Water
Authors: Jim Hanlon, Mike Cook, Mike Quigley, Bob Wayland


Water is essential for people – as our drinking water; to cook our food, brush our teeth, shower and to flush our wastes away through sewer systems; to enjoy splashing in during a day at the beach, wading in during a fishing trip or paddling across in the kayak; or used to irrigate the food we eat or support a local industry.  It is critical to the survival of fish, wildlife, waterfowl, mussels, and aquatic insects. The water we use today is the same water that was here in pre-Columbian times, that Lewis and Clark paddled in 1805 and that supported the industrial revolution, the evolution from a rural-agrarian to an urban-industrial nation and that we will need to support us through this millennium and beyond. Clean water is essential to support life – of humans and other living creatures.