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Oral Histories

The story of EPA as only we can tell it!

Administrators Thomas and Ruckelshaus, Deputy Administrator Hank Habicht.  The creation of EPA. Early implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act & More.


Mentoring and Training for EPA Staff


Share your wisdom with today's employees and leaders.

Response to Challenges to EPA


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Half Century of Progress


Half of all Americans didn't experience the pollution problems the naion faced before 1970.  Help tell the story of environmental improvement and remaining challenges.

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Not all groups or events are sponsored by the EPA Alumni Association.  Information here is provided as a service to current and former EPA employees.

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Latest from Members

Margo Oge Has Written A Book
Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars.
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Jon Cannon Has Authored A Book
Environment in the Balance: The Green Movement and the Supreme Court
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Shirley Waugh Recognized
Shirley received the Nevada AARP Community Service Award.
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Water Managers File Supreme Court Amicus Brief
Former state and Federal water officials advised the Court on the Clean Water Act permitting process.
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