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New  Report from American University, in partnership with the EPA Alumni Association: Moving Forward: Future Directions for EPA and Environmental Protection

2019 Annual Get-Together

April 22nd with Gina McCarthy and Bill Reilly

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Half Century of Progress


Half of all Americans didn't experience the pollution problems the nation faced before 1970.  Help tell the story of environmental improvement and remaining challenges.

Mentoring and Training for EPA Staff


Share your wisdom with today's employees and leaders.

Job Center


The Job Center lists tens of jobs and also provides links to over 1000 other job banks with jobs in the environmental area.

History of EPA

The story of EPA as only we can tell it!

Anthrax Cleanup.  Administrators  Reilly, Thomas and Ruckelshaus, Deputy Administrator Hank Habicht.  The creation of EPA. Early implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act & More.


EPA of the Future


As EPA approaches its 50th birthday in 2020, what should EPA look like at age 75?

See videos and materials from our very successful April 2019 Conference in Washington

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Alumni in the Classroom


Alumni offer free help to educators at all levels by participating in the classroom and helping with research.


Check back for event listings.

Region 6 Earth Day 2019

Photo Album


Earth Day 50


In 2020 we will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 and the 50th anniversary of EPA's creation on December 2.  We are partnering with Earth Day Network to develop materials our members can use in Teach-ins about these two landmark events and to describe the work which remains to be done to realize a clean and healthy environment in the US and for the planet. Check back again soon for more information on planned EPA@50 activities and events.

Latest from Members

Jeff Peterson has written A New Coast: Strategies for responding to Devastating Storms and Rising Seas.
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Richard Emory's book slated for January 2020 publication. Fighting Pollution and Climate Change
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Jim Repace Publishes Enemy No.1
Waging the War on Secondhand Smoke
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Pam Hill has written a Book
Environmental Protection: What Everyone Needs to Know
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Margo Oge Has Written A Book
Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars.
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